I just finished my second HUD transaction in a year. In both cases my Buyers got fantastic deals….but it came at a cost. Navigating the bureaucracy, paying additional fees, dealing with slipping deadlines, and dealing with some rude representatives are unfortunately par for the course. If you can handle this kind of stress, HUD homes may be an option. If not, consider yourself warned.

I feel more equipped to guide my clients through the process. My second clients certainly benefitted from knowledge gained on round one. My next HUD transaction will surely go even smoother.

It does make me wonder why this kind of learning curve is required to “play ball” with government owned properties. We take classes. Some agents swear they won’t deal with HUD. As a citizen and tax payer this is really disturbing to me. As I expressed my frustrations to others involved in the process I received empathetic agreement…and resignation that we had to put up with it.

Maybe so, but I’m going to write to HUD and my Representatives.

I am thrilled at the end result of both transactions. I just wish it weren’t so painful getting there.