Winding Down

WFF 2014 Steering Committee at Debrief

This summer was one for the history books.  We love our summers in the Northwest – blue skies, fun things to do, NO humidity.  But this summer was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  I cannot remember any prior year where we had so much sunshine, but relatively few “hot” days (keep in mind if the thermometer is higher than 82 degrees, we Northwesterners melt).  And I think mid-September was the first weekend where I didn’t have the entire weekend booked!

One highlight was the Gig Harbor Wine and Food Festival.  Gorgeous day (the fabulous steering committee is shown above).  Fabulous wine from around the region.  Great bites featured by local restaurants.  And world renown chefs, Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau, visited with their team and gushed over how much they loved our little town.  I admit it….I was beaming with pride.

But that was just one of many such perfect days.  Enjoying Tuesday night concerts.  Organizing the Maritime Gig parade.  Hosting Golferitaville.  Kayaking on many serene evenings.  The list goes on.

I welcome Fall as a great time of year, but certainly with a bit of reluctance this year.  But I think we could use a little rain….

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